Get rewards for holding the NEXX Coins

NEXX imposes automatically a fee of 10% for all transactions with NEXX tokens. Half of this fee (5%) is redistributed to the community over the NEXX platform www.nexx.info, proportional to the tokens that they hold. Thus, as a holder of NEXX Coins, you earn on every transaction of NEXX Coins. Thus, it makes sense to hold your NEXX Coins for a long time in order to earn permanently and sustainably from the NEXX system. You can fetch here your rewards in NEXX Coins and send them to your wallet.

Become an Official NEXX Influencer

Become a NEXX Influencer and help support the future of NEXX and its cryptocurrency NEXX Coin.
Do you believe in the future of crypto? Join the NEXX influencer success program and get rewarded as affiliate member to share content (videos/articles/images/etc) about NEXX and the NEXX Coin. We're looking for crypto bloggers, YouTubers, chat moderators, networkers and any creator who loves crypto and wants to join the NEXX DAO family.

Build your NEXX Influencer Affiliate Network

NEXX offers probably the most innovative and lucrative compensation system for influencers and networkers, as it pays structured commissions for NEXX Coin purchases from the decentralized crypto exchange PancakeSwap.We are not aware of any other affiliate program where purchases from centralized or decentralized crypto exchanges are commissioned. The compensation plan is quite simple, but very effective and dynamic.Please watch the video, which will show you the unique and already sensational benefits and earning opportunities of the NEXX distribution network.